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We would also need to privately discuss 3 different wallets which bot would be using to handling payments. This would require to send a welcome message with payment instructions.

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Once that is done, bot would be automatically checking XRP blockchain every few seconds and once it finds that the payment has been made address, TAG and XRP amount must match it would release escrow to user after few confirmations. Once that is done bot would send a welcome message with payment address.

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After that the process is same as with XRP - bot keeps checking blockchain and once it finds the payment, wait for few confirmations and release escrow. After every trade is completed bot would send a thank you message will specify exact text later and give a trustworthy feedback localbitcoins api bot user along with a comment.

To send localbitcoins api bot payments bot would have to integrate with my wallets and send the correct amount. Once the payment is sent bot would mark trade as paid and wait for escrow release.

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Once escrow is release bit opciók áttekintése would send a thank you message and leave a feedback along with comment for the user. Bot would be automatically checking price of competitors and beating it by customizable percentage.

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On my Localbitcoins account I would be also doing trades with different payment methods. Bot would have to able to filter between trades and to handle only the trades specified above and ignore all other trades. Most of the time there would be multiple trades open at time and the bot must be able to handle multiple trades open at time fluently without any mistakes.

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Include your previous work examples, preferably similar bots but also anything crypto related. Please mention in your proposal in which language would you be coding this.

Ismerje meg, hogy milyen típusú bitcoin kereskedési platformot indít el. A kriptocsere mindegyik típusának eltérő költsége van. A legtöbb kereskedő most egy bináris opciók kereskedési platformját keresi.

Any proposals without this will be ignored and considered as spam.